The Spiritual Journey

Swami Chinmayananda

The spiritual process is a gradual unfoldment of the personality which systematically erases the non-essentials to reveal the full glory and stature of a person. This journey of spiritual life is not accomplished on foot, nor is it an emotional step into the stratosphere of nobler feelings. Nor is the goal an object to be embraced by the intellect. It is a subjective experience brought about by the co-operative thrust of the total human personality, which unfolds itself when the personality integration is complete.

This systematic approach by the intellect in reviewing the world of things and happenings, and re-arranging and assigning them their proper values, cannot be done correctly by an intellect that has lost its sharpness, that bends or shies away from the piercing falsity that faces it. Such an intellect, which has not the honour to command allegiance from the dissipated mind, nor the strength to turn it from the demands of the body, is not the tool for tearing the shrouds of ignorance behind which the Divine Experience stands stark naked.

In divine life, the sharpening of the tool is necessary. The mind must be made pliable by the various methods given out by the scriptures. A mind that reinforces the intellect by its uncompromising devotion to the goal alone can add success to the endeavour. Trying to make the mind single-pointed by not allowing it to gush out into a thousand channels of disintegrated thinking, of regrets of the past, excitements of the present and anxieties about the future, and brining it to the altar of the Lord is the process of effectively quietening it, and this is called meditation.

But the Self is not the result of meditation. Meditation is an action. A finite action cannot give an infinite result. Meditation is done to make the mind more and more pure. When the mind gets less and less involved in the world of objects, emotions and thoughts, it will get quieter. The quieter the mind, the purer the heart. For developing this purity, the practice of meditation is necessary. When there is least agitation, the mind is purest. When there is no agitation, there is no mind. Purest heart is the Supreme Reality.

Even now the godliness is with you. It is a question of right thinking in the right direction. It is a question of how to evolve, to find out the shape of your face before you were born.

The main mission of Chinmaya Mission is to spread this secret of life given out by the great masters of India.

Message sent for a souvenir on the occasion of a Jñana Yajña in Port Blair, 1982. [via Tapovan Prasad, August 2015] © Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, reproduced courtesy of Central Chinmaya Mission Trust