Our Teachers

at Chinmaya Mission Mauritius

Swami Pranavananda

Spiritual Head, CM Mauritius and CM Reunion Island

Concerned with the fall of tradition from the beauty of Vedanta and with the vision to keep alive the Vedic tradition, to inspire love and respect for Dharma and the Hindu culture and make everyone see the God residing in all beings, Swamiji has been working incessantly over more than 40 years to communicate the invaluable import of our scriptures. Under Swami Pranavananda's guidance, Chinmaya Mission Mauritius has been a beacon guide for many to live a life enriched by the knowledge of Vedanta, selfless action and sincere devotion. Apart from managing the administration of the centres in Mauritius and Reunion Island, Swamiji regularly conducts Vedanta classes and Jnana Yagnas in Mauritius and Reunion Islands and continues to travel widely around Europe delivering talks.