Jnana Yagna

Sacrificing Ignorance into the Fire of Knowledge

What is Jnana Yajna?

The term 'jnana yajna' used by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, refers to the study of scriptural texts as ritual worship at the altar of Knowledge.

What is the aim of Jnana Yajna?

Jnana Yajnas are usually five to seven days series of public discourses on a Vedantic scripture or spiritual text which acts like a shot in the arm for those unable to attend regular discourses or study classes. Spearheaded by Swami Chinmayananda in 1951, this method brings the knowledge of the scriptures to the general population and serves to invigorate and inspire the masses for Vedantic scriptural studies and consequent contemplation on them.

What kind of texts are taken in a Jnana Yajna?

Typically Jnana Yajnas focus on the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, other fundamental Vedantic texts and sometimes, devotional texts too.

Where are Jnana Yajnas conducted?

Jnana Yajnas are held all throughout the island and at Parna Kuti, Beau-Bassin at different times of the year.

For information on Jnana Yajnas scheduled in Mauritius, please visit our News and Announcement page or our Calendar. Information will also be available under Upcoming Events on our Home Page.

Who organises a Jnana Yajnas?

Jnana Yajnas are organised by individuals or organisations who invite the Acharyas from CM Mauritius to conduct the same.

What happens after I attend a Jnana Yajna?

If you have found the talks interesting and valuable, you are most welcome to attend the regular discourses and study-classes at the Ashram and elsewhere. You may also invite the Swamin/Brahmacharin for a talk/satsang at your residence or organisation. You can also choose to attend the Spiritual Retreats and Residential Courses organised by Chinmaya Mission around the world. You can continue your explorations in the subject through the many publications available at the Ashram or undertake some of our Home Study Courses. You are most welcome to discuss your doubts with the Acharyas and take their help and advice.

We invite you to attend our Jnana Yajna and experience for yourself the wonderful world of supreme knowledge. Contact us if you would like to organise a Jnana Yajna in your area or invite the Swamin/Brahmacharin for a talk hosted by you.