The Inside Story

Brahmachari Arvind Chaitanya

Giri Govardhan: Krishna Raising mount GovardhanAn Illustration from Gita Govinda(by Poet Jayadev)Painted by artist Manku; Basholi Kalam, Pahari School; 1730 A.D.Collection: N.C. Mehta Gallery, LD Museum, Ahmedabad.© Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum, INDIA


Brindavan. Shri Krishna has just lifted the mighty Govardhan mountain and has ushered all the human and bovine folk to seek protection under it from the wrath unleashed by a very grumpy Indra. CLICK!


Nanda (Shri Krishna's Father : Standing Second from right):

I have raised such a wonderful son whom even I cannot fathom. He seems to surprise us everyday! By raising you, I have protected these folk. Hold up...hang in there!

Radha (Shri Krishna's Beloved : Standing First from right):

My Hero! He holds the mighty mountain and I...I am ever holding him in my heart. So who is stronger?

Balarama (Shri Krishna's Brother : Standing Third from right):

Can I also partake in your act?

Young Gopa 01 (Cowherd : Fourth from right):

I must make sure I don’t move or shake, lest my hand slips from Krishna's waist which is already buckling under the weight. Don't worry Krishna, I am here to hold you!

Young Gopa 02 (Cowherd : Fourth from left):

I've got you! No worry. Nothing can shake you now!

Cows of Brindavan:

Thank YOU for protecting us, O Lord!

Young Gopa 03 (Cowherd : Kneeling, Fifth from left):

Krishna! I am holding your leg. Don't worry! You will not slip!

Gopa 01 and 02 (Cowherds : Standing, Second and Third from left):

I should also help him. Here...let me hold up my staff!

Krishna...does it feel lighter now? Hey...bring me the other staff too!

Young Gopa 04 (Cowherd : First from left):

Hey everyone...keep your staffs him. I am coming too!

Shri Krishna (Centre: with a gentle smile as always):

If only they all realised that the mountain that is being held by me is not outside but inside them. Its name? Oh! It's called I.

athavā bahunaitena kiṃ jñātena tavārjuna |viṣṭabhyāhamidaṃ kṛtsnamekāṃśena sthito jagat || Śrīmad BhagavadGītā 10.42
O Arjuna! What more should you know? What more need I tell you about my glories than this? Just know that I stand firmly holding this entire universe by just one minuscule part of me alone!

HariOM Tat Sat

DISCLAIMER: This is meant to be an imaginative interpretation of the IMAGE and not a philosophical interpretation of the EVENT. This was inspired by an online creative writing competition called Citrakatha : Tarka Vitarka organised by the LD Museum, Ahmedabad, India in 2015.