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Chinmaya Mission, INDIA

Date:  24-25 August 2019
Venue: Day01 - Le Souffleur | Day02 - Beau-Bassin
Age: 16-24

Swami Mitrananda is an inspiring tutor, daring adventurer, vibrant speaker, creative writer, vigilant administrator & a mentor for many youngsters across the world. Swami Mitrananda has a huge youth following, largely because of the innovative methodologies he adopts in making the ancient wisdom of Hinduism extraordinarily appealing to the rational and the adventure seeking young minds. Swami Mitrananda uses powerful tools such as outdoor experiential learning, adventure, travel, biking, car rallies, theatre, writing and creativity to convey the profound message of Vedanta propelling individuals to tap into their hidden potential.

Who can participate?
The camp is open to all within the age range of 16-24. We welcome school and university students based locally or abroad, young professionals or trainees, entrepreneurs or unemployed, married or single. We encourage you to come with friends, colleagues, relatives, fellow seekers.

How to I register myself?
Register online using the link at the bottom of this page. However, please read through this page completely before doing so.

I am not familiar with Vedanta/Hinduism/Chinmaya Mission. Can I still participate?
Everyone who is inspired by the topic is welcome to participate. You can participate with friends and colleagues.

Which language will the camp be in?
Swami Mitrananda-ji will be interacting mainly in English. Participants and volunteers will be mainly from Mauritius and those not perfectly comfortable with English can still participate.

Are there any charges for attending the camp?
We are NOT charging for the camp activities NOR for lunch and refreshments. There will be a small contribution that will be collected towards transport (see next question).
However, as a non-profit organisation, we welcome any donations you wish to make to offset the costs of organising the camp. We also encourage you to take back some of our publications which may be of interest to you, which will be displayed during the camp.

Is there any common transport available and would i need to pay for this?
A. There will be a common transport leaving from our Ashram at Beau-Bassin. Contribution towards this would be around a couple of hundred rupees.
B. If you are driving to the common meeting point at L’Escalier directly, you will still need to catch a shuttle to bring you the starting point of the trek. The contribution for this would be around hundred rupees.
C. Contributions will be collected on the first day on board the bus/shuttle. Exact details of meeting point and amount towards shared contributions will be communicated to registered participants in the confirmation email that will be sent closer to the camp.

Is it a residential retreat? Can I choose to stay?
This is not a full-time residential retreat and activities are scheduled between 09:00 - 16:00 Hrs. However, for practical reasons, if you wish to stay overnight, please indicate so in the online registration form and we will advise you further.

At what time should I come?

Saturday 24th August : You should either report directly at L’Escalier Mandiram at 8:45AM OR catch the common transportation from our Ashram at Beau-Bassin at 8:00AM. (Exact details of meeting points will be communicated by email to registered participants.)
Sunday 25th August : You should report to our Ashram at Beau-Bassin by 08:45.

At what time can I leave?
Saturday 24th August : After the day’s scheduled program, you will be dropped back at L’Escalier Mandiram (expected around 16:30) OR have the common transportation bring you back to Beau-Bassin (expected arrival time around 17:00 depending on traffic).
Sunday 25th August :You can expect to leave by 16:30.

What would we be doing during the camp?
Tentative program of the camp is as follows:

Day 1:
Session 1: Talk, followed by Trek along the South Coast
Session 2: Workshop on Perception
Session 3: Question & Answer (Q&A)

Day 2
Session 1: Guided meditation followed by Talk
Session 2: Movie Workshop
Session 3: Workshop on perseverance
Session 4: Closing & Valedictory

Will lunch/refreshments be provided?
Yes, lunch will be provided on both days as well as refreshments and snacks at timely breaks.

What should I bring for the camp?
A. Since food and refreshments provided, you will not be expected to bring such items. However, it will be advisable to bring a bottle of water, especially for the trek, to keep yourself hydrated.
B. You should be comfortably dressed and equipped accordingly for the trek which will be along the South coast. It will be a flat track but bear in mind that the weather can be windy and sunny/rainy. Please bring only essentials materials in your bag and travel light.
C. On Day 2, all activities will take place within our Ashram premises at Beau-Bassin. Please be dressed comfortably and respectably in keeping with the atmosphere of the Ashram.
D. Do bring a notebook and other essential stationery for jotting ideas and notes during the activities.
E. Most importantly, we would like all participants to come with an open mind and full of energy and enthusiasm to make the most of this special opportunity.

Is there more information about the trek?
The trek will be roughly from Le Bouchon area to Le Souffleur area with pauses for rest and refreshments in between. It is expected to tast about 2-2.5 hours at a comfortable pace. It will be led by guides who are familiar with the track. It will be a relatively flat track and will be at a comfortable pace and hence easily doable for all within this age-group.

Can I skip the trek and join directly for other activities?
The trek is an integral part of the 2-day workshop and all participants will be required to be part of this activity. We are not expecting participants to join directly for the other sessions. Conversely, people cannot accompany camp participants only for the trek portion.
Note: If for any specific physical reason, you are not able to participate in the trek, and still wish to join the other camp activities, please mention it in the application form. This may be considered exceptionally by the organising committee, and after consultation with Swami Mitrananda-ji, we will advise further.

Can I attend the camp only on Sunday?
We will answer this soon after consultation.

I have some specific question which is not answered here...what do I do?
Please email us at with the subject line ‘Potential to Perform- Camp’ and we will aim to answer your queries at the earliest.

I am keen to participate, what should I do?
We are glad you are interested in joining us.